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USDA FIFA 14 League

Posted by CTROB on January 8, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (3)

It's time for the USDA FIFA tourney/league. We can proceed with either format we see fit. The same site we used before challonge, has setups for both as last time we used it for tourneys only. We will be using clubs this first time around, you are allowed to use any club from any league as we want everyone to be able to have access to their favorite squad. At a later date we will form an international squad tournament, to get prepared for the world cup. Below are a couple of examples of how the setup will be.

We are looking to get this started within the upcoming week, as we need to pull together enough players to make it worth while. If you're interested signup below or if you know anyone who is have them add their name also. As soon as we have enough owners, we will get the hat formed and begin club selection.

NBA 2k14 PS4 League Signup

Posted by swimfunk on November 2, 2013 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (27)

With PS4 release just around the corner it's time to start getting a list of people who are planning on getting 2k14 & PS4.   We will once again be running a league that is based around sim style ideas.   We will have a better understanding of what rules need to be in place for the league.   As of right now we don't have a target start date but want to get an idea of how many people are planning on getting 2k14 & PS4.   Please leave a comment if you are interested and when you are planning on having both the game and the system.   We want to start ASAP and are not afraid of starting without a full 30 owners.

NBA 2K14 PS3 Rules

Posted by Jay_Write on October 6, 2013 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

In the past we have very structured rules and settings for our Online 2k Lgs, mainly because of the deficiencies in the game. However, this year many believe 2k has delivered on both ends of the floor and it is my hope that some of our past issues have been rectified. With that said, some rules from past season have been removed. If after playing some games feel free to contact me via dm or psn about your concerns, and everything will be taken into considerations. As of now here are our game settings, and rules.



10 min Qtrs



1. Max 25 shots for one player in regulation (5 for each additional overtime)

2. Run plays (Not necessary on every posession, but it is encouraged and will also make scoring a lot easier)

3. You may push the break with either PG, SG, OR SF however no cherry picking and may not pass ahead until you cross halfcourt with the ball.


1. ON Ball Defense must be played at all times

2. Zone is allowed in spots, but not for an entire games

3. You may press with just the point guard, but no full court pressure as a team unless trailing by double digits in the 4th qtr

4. No quitting. We all play to have fun, and sometimes getting blown out isn't, we all have been there. However, it is disrespectful to your opponenet and unacceptable to ever quit under any circumstances. Doing so will result in punishment.

Please sign on the bottom as your acknowledgement of understand and agreeing to abide by these rules. Lets give these rules a try and hopefully we wont need to implement rules from past years. Anyone who breaks these rules will be subject to punishment from player suspensions, up to removal from the league. Good luck and have fun everyone. How you play in this league will effect your consideration in the PS4 league. Any questions or comments, contact me via PSN (Mamba_Knows) or twitter (@USDAMamba_knows) Also, Im interested in finding some administrators to help in the every day running of the league, resets, punishment decisions, rule changes etc. if interested let me know.

2K14 PS3 Team Selection Order

Posted by swimfunk on October 6, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

2k14 PS3 Team Selection Order:

Prince (@USDA_Prince96) - Bulls

Eagle (@USDA_Eagle24) - Clippers

Clutch (@Fella_504) - Knicks

Snoop (@yungin_a_fool) - Heat

Hard - Brooklyn Nets

Elroy (@ike_sosa) -Rockets

Emmo (@USDA_Lions) -Pacers


Loco (@Loco4Real) -Raptors

Beasy (@beasy018 ) -Cleveland

Beast (@Rockyrsb3) - GSW

CPO (@USDA_Pitsburgh) -Pelicans

Jay (@Mamba_Knows) -Lakers

Mv (@USDA_MVJ) -Grizzlies

Ohara (@Che_Ohara) - Pistons

Ocho (@USDA_OCHO) - Celtics

Nike (@USDA_NIKE) - Blazers

CMJones (@4_9MENAL) - Mavs

@coachbbrowner10 - hawks

Havent gotten ten the game yet aka slackers




Madden Team Selection Order

Posted by swimfunk on August 22, 2013 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (8)

Madden Team Selection Order:


























Soulja Brother 







The Right 32

Posted by swimfunk on August 22, 2013 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (4)

The hat will begin roughly tonight at 10 EST.   Below are the tiers we will be using for the hat selection.   We feel confident that these 32 Owners will respect the rules, be active, and respect one another.   Please get in the habit of checking your twitter for league news.   We will be introducing a couple of new rules and ideas before we start.  During team selection if we are waiting on your pick for a substantial ammount of time you may be skipped.   Please keep an eye on your pick and feel free to DM any of the admin or madden twitter your list of teams you would like.    Players ratings can be found HERE. 

The Right 32


1. Sane

2. Eagle

3. Rell


4. Fuh

5. Class

6. Swim


7. Preme

8. Eric

9. Geuxdee

10. Prince

11. FLA

12. Sonarus

13. Jay

14. Minden

15. Soulja

16. Emmo

17. C$ (2) - won Top 10 Challenge

18. CPO

19. TheKnappy

20. Rob

21. Houss

22. Murda

23. Raz (2) - guess Troy P. correctly

24. Ocho

25. HoodPo


26. Nolia

27. Tdot

28. Soulja Brother

29. Swim friend

30. Elroy

31. AD

32. DaDarkKnight






** Please note those who are the waitlist be ready as not all 32 owners will pan out. 

Madden 25 Sign-Ups

Posted by Fuhbau on July 29, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (34)




I hope you all enjoyed your time off from USDA gaming activities, but now is time we gear up for the newest edition of USDA Madden. On this page you will sign up to show that you are interested in being a committed member of USDA Madden. Signing up DOES NOT guarantee you a spot as an opening owner in Madden 25. If we have over 32 users sign-up, then your comissioners will discuss who makes the first cut, and who will be used as a reserve.


A few quick hits about our upcoming Madden season.


  •  We will be playing Madden 25 on the PS3.
  •  Our first season will begin the first week of September.  We most likely will NOT wait for 1st roster update. 
  • Do not sign-up if you cannot keep up with our advance schedule (typically one game every 24 hrs initially)
  •  Do not sign-up if you are unwilling to use Twitter as your main communication for match-scheduling.
  • Members with seniority and proven ability to play within the rules and utilize Twitter will be given priority.
  •  Sign-ups will be open through the final week before Madden is released, they will then be closed for owners to finalize the final cut and prepare for THE HAT.
  • We will be looking at any modifications or rule changes for game play.  The thread is found here. 
  • Assuming that Daddy Leagues are ready to use at launch we will be using that site.  
  •  Make sure and follow our new 30 in 30 series leading up to the release of Madden 25...The Top 30 Madden Players.  We will be awarding a prize (extra hat entry) to the first 3 people who name 9 of the top 10 players in our top 30 player countdown.   More to come Wednesday.


The List



  1.  Fuhbau
  2.  Swimfunk
  3. Classic
  4. Preme
  5. Eric
  6. Geuxdee
  7. PrinceofShame
  8. FLA_Boy
  9. Eagle
  10. TDot
  11. Sonarus
  12. Rell
  13. Sane
  14. Jay
  15. Minden
  16. S0ljah
  17. The Brother of S0ljah 
  18. Emmo
  19. Meech
  20. C$
  21. CPO
  22. Theknappy
  23. CTROB
  24. Houss
  25. Murda
  26. Elroy
  27. Raz
  28. AD? 
  29. Ocho
  30. Darkknight
  31. DaHood
  32. Hard
  33. Nolia




NBA2K Summer League

Posted by swimfunk on May 13, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (4)

As we start to wind down season 4 of our main season we are looking ahead to put the finishing touches on NBA2K13.  This will be our last season using this Online Association. After the Finals are complelted we will be starting our summer league and are looking forward to a new Association. We will be doing team selection a little differently than normal.  This new method will give people a chance to use their #1 team and incorporate a little strategy/luck.   Here is how we will be doing the team selection :

  • Every owner will DM one team to @USDA_2K they would like to be, if no one picks that team that is your team.  Fair enough?
  • If multiple people pick that team we will be using the hat to determine who wins that team.  The losers of the hat go back into the pool and we will use the hat order (from original selection) to pick the remaining teams.  
  • Be careful who you choose as you may get screwed with a bad team if you try for a top notch team.  
  • We also reserve the right to give any veterans who have been with us the priority over any new guys or guys who have struggled to stay active. 

We will also be using the Summer League as a chance to experiment with new sliders, rules, etc.  We are always looking to improve the USDA Experience and are open to any suggestions.  If you have any ideas please feel free to let an admin know and we try and implement as many as we see feesible.  

Good luck to all...

S4: FA Restrictions

Posted by CTROB on April 14, 2013 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

** After you read this tweet back to an admin that you've read it. Even if you don't tweet back we will assume that you have. If you attempt to circumvent the restrictions we've set in place you risk being removed from the league if you refuse to cooperate. Thank You**

We have some important news to update you on regarding today's 2PM EST Draft/Free Agency. The $0 contract glitch is stil around for Season 4. The weird thing is some contracts that were glitched last season got fixed, there are some new ones but not a lot and we will use the same method we used last year to maintain it.

First off if you don't want to keep any of the $0 contract players feel free to cut them and allow them to be signed to a contract to any team willing to bid on them. However, if you decide to keep them accept the restrictions we have put in place. If you can't do that, we will find a owner who will. We all will do our part to level the playing field in our community, if you don't want to be a productive member of that community again, we'll find someone who will.

Now below is the list that we used to see who was affected the most by this glitch. If you find any errors or don't agree with your restrictions make sure to notify us via @USDA_2K Before the Draft/FA begins and we will discuss it BRIEFLY

Check for your team name, and It will show the number of players you are allowed to sign within a certain ratings range. If you want to see how we determined these figures scroll down below.

Team Restrictions:

76ers- No Restrictions

Bobcats - 1 80+ OVR

Bucks - 69 or below

Bulls 2 80+ OVR

Cavs - No Restrictions

Celtics - No Restrictions

Clippers - 3 80+ OVR

Grizzlies- 1 70-79 OVR

Hawks - 3 80+ OVR

Heat 69 or below

Hornets - 1 80+OVR

Jazz - 3 80+ OVR

Kings - 1 80+OVR

Knicks - 69 or Below

Lakers - 1 80+OVR

Magic - 1 70-79 OVR

Mavs - 69 or Below

Nets - No Restrictions

Nuggets - No Restrictions

Pacers - 2 80+ OVR

Pistons - 3 80+ OVR

Raptors - No Restrictions

Rockets - No Restrictions

Spurs - 69 or below

Suns - 1 70-79 OVR

Thunder - No Restrictions

Timberwolves - 3 80+ OVR

Trailblazers - No Restrictions

Warriors - 69 or Below

Wizards - 69 or Below

***We determined anyone over 20M was able to sign 3 80+

**We detemined that anyone with 15M - 20M in cap room was able to sign 2 80+

**We detemined that anyone with 8M - 15M in cap room was able to sign 1 80+

***We determined anyone with 8M-0M was able to sign 1 70-79 OVR

***We determined anyone who was over cap is only limited to someone 69 OVR or less

*** Any Team that has no $0 contracts can bid on any player

The only time you can step outside the range is if the player was on your team the previous season. again it's not a guarantee you get him but you may bid.

Now it's not a definite that you sign even 1 player in that ratings range because players of that talent level usually get a lot of attention. But to maintain balance these restrictions will be in place to keep teams already loaded from bidding more.

If you mistakenly sign more than the allowed amount in a 2k day, 2k gives us to accept/decline the contract before the next day hits.  Please select decline of one of the players that puts you over the max.   Also since people will have a lot more money now try and be conistent in your offers.  a 67 OVR player should not be making 10M/year.  Lets try and keep it in the ball park of :

90 + - MAX

80+ - 6M-10M

70+ 3M to 6M

Less than 69 3M to vet min

I also went through and calculated every teams salary for what it should be if the contract glitch would not have happened. I used to calculate contracts for 2015 and used a criteria, that will be posted below within the hour along with the adjusted cap spreadsheet and players with the $0 contracts. We also adjusted some values accordingly, to account for competitive bidding in RFA & UFA seasons.

We're not going to use the exact figures because some teams did have MLE and somes didn't. Trying to use these exact numbers dollar for dollar would cause more issues so instead we use it as a guide to see who could have actually made an offer at some of the elite talent.

Again Respond back to @USDA_2K after you've noted your teams restrictions or lack thereof, or if you have any objections to your restriction. Again we will assume you read it and agreed to these stipulations even if you do not.

The Players contract totals were totaled using a few points of criteria. As stated above we used the data from Sportrac as a base. 

  • If a Player had a contract for 2015 we simply used that figure
  • If a Player had a RFA qualifying offer on file for 2015 it was doubled for our leagues consideration of competitive offers. In some cases it was not, due to the fact that a team would already be over the cap so his restrictions would remain the same. 
  • If a player had no deal on file for 2015  & under the age of 30 the average yearly salary was taken and then doubled to account for competitive offers then 1M was added to account for annual escalation since we used this formula last season. 
  • If the player in the above situation was already making over 10M on average then the highest year of salary was used plus 1.0M
  • If a player had no deal on file for 2015 and over the age of 30 that player received half of their average salary, to account for declining skills

I believe this is everything, but I could have left something out, again if you have any questions or objections tweet to @USDA_2K.


UOA Season 4 Offseason

Posted by CTROB on April 12, 2013 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We're now in Season 4 of the NBA 2K13 UOA. The salary glitches don't seem overboard, and some that were glitched have fixed themselves. So with that said we will do something similar to the process we did last year, and proceed with the current league. However, we will not be able to fully assess the damage until everyone completes their offseason tasks of accepting/declining options. So that needs to be done by no later than tonight. After that if it is just too much to maintain we will consider other options.

Now, as far as the draft times go this is what we can do. With the mandatory timer 2K has in place the absolute earliest it will allow us to start the draft is 11:08 PM EST on Saturday Night. So we will have 3 times listed please tweet to @USDA2K which time works best for you with hashtag #USDADraft and we will try to accommodate the league as best as we can. 


11:15 PM EST Saturday 04/13/2013
2:00 PM EST Sunday 04/14/2013
7:00 PM EST Sunday 04/14/2013

Again please tweet to @USDA2K which time works best for you with hashtag #USDADraft then we will work from there and announce a time ASAP for the live portion of the UOA offseason.

Season 4 is going to bring in some new faces as every season seems to bring. As far as owners we have parted ways with Smoove and the Heat will be taken over by @ice_n_my_veins

We also have new faces to the admin team. During Season 3, as it was previously announced @USDA_Houssam joined the 2K admin team. For a long time Hous has offered his services but came through huge in Season 3 with keeping a detailed spreadsheet on every team of collected sims, forced or random sims. This was a huge aid in determining player activity, and in his first full season Hous will take on a larger role in the forefront of league affairs.

We also welcome @USDA_Vangate to the admin team. Van was a surprise to us with his recent take charge approach of getting something done about slider gripes. He took the initiative to hunt down sliders, create a test league, and get people in the league to try them out all for the greater good of the league. Van also has committed himself to playing sim basketball all the time and wether he agrees or not always plays within the rules set forth. Also, an owner that seems to have the ability to remain impartial, even in a heated discussion, Van will be a valuable addition to the admin team in advocating sim gameplay.

The thing that these two showed was initiative. They saw something that needed to be done to improve the league and made it happen not really looking for something in return. There will probably be one more admin promotion in the 2K ranks to build the team we initially set out to create when we laid out the foundation of the USDA Family. With Madden in good hands under Eagle, Classic, and Fuh. 2K is shaping up to build it's own team of solid admins to assure us quality leagues into the future. 


We also will be announcing a nice little tool to keep track of stats and records .  Feel free to join the league and if it creates enough interest we will use this place as a spot to provide league news, advance times, forums, etc.

Also, as USDA wraps up it's 5th anniversary we will likely find another title to carry us through the summer. MLB is going strong and Season 2 is right around the corner, but we are open to suggestions on any other possible platforms out there. Be on the look out later this week for the UOA Season 4 Preview, and coming soon a Summer article to top last years "Madden 30 for 30 article"


Who are the top 30 USDA Gamers of all-time?

Check Back Here Soon to Find Out!!!